ColourColor a Game about Colour or is it Color you Decide – Review

A new iPhone game on the market developed by Whisk called ColourColor, is an interactive game of trying to match colours for points. The game is basically a twist on word games using your camera to take fun and interesting pictures of colourful items, and then having your opponent try to match the colour you have highlighted. ColourColor (love the use of the dual  spelling of colour depending on where you live and you play) is downloadable for free, and for a small fee of .69£ (.99$) you can turn the game into a game with simultaneous play with multiple partners.

First when you download the game you need to set up an identity and you can then link it to either your Facebook or to your Twitter profile. This linking will open you up to your friends and family and invite them to join you in this fun and quirky game.  The object of the game is simple, you shoot a picture of something colourful and then the app extracts the many colours which make up the picture into a grid. You pick one of the colours and name it for the board (colour naming can be an extremely creative process, just ask the paint companies or the nail polish companies – don’t you often wonder how they name their colours?) Points are assessed as to how closely your opponent can match their colour to your colour, using an item they have found to snap.  


I only tried the free version, so without hooking up to friends or family I was limited to putting the game out to strangers to play. I found the game enjoyable but very slow. If you are looking for a fast paced game, with six rounds constituting a completed game, this is not going to be for you unless you are playing with a friend or family member who wants to play at the same pace as you prefer. I did like the notification part built into the app. I would wake up to message saying my opponent had played and it was now my turn. There is a speed component because once you say it’s okay to play your turn the dastardly timer starts. I gotta tell you, looking for an obscure object to shoot for  a picture can make your mind go totally blank with you see your seconds ticking down. But with playing with strangers the completion of a single game took about 4 days. 

The UI of the app works cleanly and I played Colourcolor on both my iPhone 5 and my iPad.  The extraction of the individual colours in your “item” is pretty cool. This would be a wonderful way to spend time with the children in your life in a game which has some learning properties to it. Think of ColourColor as indoor hide n’ seek with colour charts.  The Colors are vivid and very acceptable but if you do have a retina display devlce, they are spectacular.