Aura – Photo Editor App that you must have: Review

Aura Photo Editor is a new Free iPhone app entering into the already cluttered photo genre on the Appstore. Lis Johannsen is the creator of this very easy to use photography editing app, and although she hasn’t built the proverbial better mouse trap, it is a great little app for the novice or the expert photo editor.

I hate when I have to play with apps for any amount of time, I like to be able to shoot a picture and quickly do my editing right there and then. This app is all that! Aura opens and simply asks “Take a Picture” or “Pick from Library”. Go. From whatever your choice, whether it’s adding a filter, cropping or just playing with the saturation levels and brightness it’s a sliding scale. If you want more effect just slide up the scale and if it’s too much slide down. You don’t have to play with percentages and ratios, because seriously I never figured out how to do it and it’s time consuming. Aura Photo Editor has some cute gimmicky “stickers” and “frames”. Adding Text is simply by picking a font and then adjusting size and fonts. It has all the major fonts one would need to personalize your project. If you do hit the “back” button while editing you will lose all your progress, but hey it’s easy to redo.

aura_1 aura_2

The absolute best part of the Aura Photo Editor is the ability to share your pictures. On the bottom of the first page hit the “arrow” key and it takes you the link page for all the popular social media sites and mail. There is also the link for the other apps created by the developer and the review button. (Take a minute and review, as they are very important for feedback and development of apps.) The sharing is simple, straightforward, and done without the hassle of having to link accounts and stuff. If I did have one complaint it would be the saving is too simple. It would be cool if I could create an album; if I were doing a project then it would mean I have to juggle and transfer. You can also find more smartphone editing tips from expert photography.