Glow Puzzle is a simple time wasting puzzler that is fun for everyone – Review

Games are the driving force on the Appstore. Apps which fall into other categories very rarely ever gets   downloading numbers which successful games app accomplish. Having said that, the game market is so saturated with inane and stupid games finding a truly wonderful time waster can be a difficult proposition. So here is my pick for a great time waster.

Glow Puzzle, developed from Nexx Studio, is the perfect, simple concept, mind and strategy game which anyone can play, at anytime or for however long you can play. If you are sitting on a bus and have ten minutes, great; sitting on the rail coming into the city for 40 minutes, perfect. Play this game when you are sitting on hold waiting for the queue line to shrink because you are number 13 in the caller wait list. This is a game which can be played anywhere. A weird feature is you need not worry about bumps and movement like other games when you are playing in moving vehicles.

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Glow Puzzle is simply “connect the dots” in continuous fashion to complete the puzzle. There are umpteen levels adding up to over 650 puzzles and when you finish them all, good luck, you can start all over again. There is no hidden message or meaning behind the simple concept, except to enjoy minutes playing a game to reload your brain. It’s the perfect time waster (which I don’t think is a waste of time because we all need the veggie break in our day).

The developer gives a short video to show you how to play, but you really won’t need it. Glow Puzzle allows you to share your successes on Facebook. (Please don’t, your friends really don’t care). You have minor choices for which colour you want to play the game and you can either mute or enjoy the “techno” sound.

If you want to try the game there is a limited edition Free version, but once you are totally hooked you can then add puzzle packs for a dollar. Or start with the paid version for a mere .69£ (.99¢). Glow Puzzle offers in-app purchases for “solve” packs for those puzzles which frustrate and leave you scratching your head.