Slots Showdown: Awesome Slots app with Unique Multiplayer mode

In his seminal work ‘The Prince’, political advisor Nicolo Machiavelli states that Lady Fortune is, “Always woman-like, a lover of young men, because they are less cautious, more violent, and with more audacity command her.”  Now, youthful I may be (28 counts, right?), but I’ve never been a violent man and besides, in a fistfight with the average girl I’d probably back them to win; however, I’ve also never been particularly cautious, so I took ol’ Nic up on his advice and had a spin on Slots Showdown the fun and free new slots app from NYX Social Gaming and Limpid Logic.  And it bloody well worked.

There has clearly ben a lot of thought put into the design and layout of the app, with the interface smoother than a baby’s behind and a plethora of enticing slot games on the homepage to tease you into submission.  Never having been to Vegas, I can only guess at what my lack of willpower would be in the city of sin, but I happily wasted an hour or so spinning the wheels on such games as ‘Foxin’ Wins’, ‘Doctor Love’ and the enchanting ‘Irish Eyes’.

ss1The most unique feature about the app (besides the adorable fox mascot in Foxin’ Wins) is the Multiplayer Mode, which other slot apps don’t have; I think that it’s this reason that makes Slots Showdown so popular (10K+ users, thank you very much).  Playing tournaments against strangers online is an option, but battling your friends is better, provided that they enter the same tournament as you. Whether it was a case of beginner’s luck or my well-timed spins (I’m pretty sure that it was the former), I managed to grab 2,200,000 coins pretty quickly and spent the rest of the time frittering it away when testing out the either games.

The soundtrack is pretty exciting, as are the SFX; a chap with a deep, booming voice bellows encouragement such as ‘Amazing!’ and ‘High score!’ when you hit the big ones.  If you strike out then you just have to wait an hour or so before the free bonus coins are replenished; 10,000 just to keep you in the game – Vegas, take notes…

So, Machiavelli seemed to be right about the young men and luck combination, even though he did seem to advocate domestic violence; he also said that it’s better to be feared rather than loved, so I’m guessing that he didn’t have a lot of girlfriends…at least I hope not.

In between your plots to rise up the ranks of government or overthrow your boss, you can download Slots Showdown on iTunes and Android or follow their exciting Facebook and Twitter feeds.

David Harfield
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