The Untold Legend: Strike Back – Review

Fantasy, fun, adventure and a reverse tower defence game awaits you here with wizards, orcs, invaders and magic all in great abundance. The Untold Legend is the story that has been written by you; it lets you take the role of an unnamed wizard and lead your human troop armies to invade and fight the orcs using magic and strong might.

Strike Back is the concluding part of the Untold Legend series and the answer you have been waiting for throughout all the previous editions is here. Either the humans or the orcs will seize the lands and only you will determine which of the two will prosper, and who shall perish.

In this epic battle you will lead the humans to try and go battle with the orcs. The fighting really gets going from the get go and you will have to make use of all the strategies to overcome the orcs. The little demons are large in number and resilient till the last, so trying to break through their base can in itself be a huge challenge.

untold_1 untold_2

The Untold Legend: Strike Back is an epic fantasy theme with superb graphics and riveting music. It is the battle you have been waiting for all along. There is no end of choices available for you to customize your hero (the unnamed wizard) and you can choose just how you play up your battle plans depending entirely on the situation you will face.

This is a game that has been written by you and the previous games of Strong Hold and The Threat will have whetted your appetite to conclude this adventure once and for all. During The Threat game, the humans would have lost all their strength and the orcs will have prospered using their base as a fortress. Now it’s time to regain the lost territories and get back what has been previously lost.

The Royal Troop are the ones commanded to try and retake the land and you will take centre stage in trying to supervise this entire operation. The game itself does not take up an awful lot of your time when getting to grips with what has to be done. However, it will take a long time to put down, as its addictive qualities are clearly obvious once you start playing.

You can connect with other players on Facebook and follow the developers on Twitter, so see how you can combat the orcs and conclude the untold legend.