Where’s Popping Right Now? Find out with this Innovative New Social App

It’s an all-too-familiar dilemma: you’ve just found out you’ve got the next day off work, or you have arranged to spend the night entertaining a special someone, and you need to find something fun to do, pronto.  The answer?  Turn to the internet.  Admittedly, ItsPoppingHere is not the first app on the market designed to provide its users with information and recommendations on restaurants, pubs, clubs, parties and other events in your vicinity. However, with its innovative real-time functionality, this one will undoubtedly grab your attention!

What’s Good, Right Now?

ItsPoppingHere completely eradicates a number of the problems which often come with recommendation apps. Users are only able to review a venue if they are physically there, meaning that you will not be falsely led somewhere on the basis of a fake, fantastical write-up. Not only that, reviews are only live for eight hours after being posted, at which point they self-destruct. You may be swept away by the culinary excellence of the head chef at an upmarket restaurant, but your glowing review might not be so relevant on the Chef de Cuisine’s day off!


Visualise with Photos

To help you get a proper feel for a place that ItsPoppingHere is bigging up, the written reviews are accompanied by complementary images. An image is so much more capable of encapsulating the essence of a place, allowing you to evaluate whether it is well-suited to your current mood. So say goodbye to accidentally ending up in a tacky, canteen-style diner, and say hello to finding where the vibes are really at!


Put Your Friends In The Know

It probably won’t surprise you to hear that this app has in-built social sharing functionality. Particularly impressed by an experience you have just had? Write a quick review, take a snap and instantly spread the word by sharing it with your friends on Facebook and Twitter at the touch of a button.

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