Become a Genuine Word Whizz with Lettro Challenges

Lettro Challenges is the hottest new word game to hit the App Store, and has been very well received by players so far, racking up some impressive ratings and a decent fan base. Contrary to popular moral teachings, in this exciting and stimulating app, stealing is not only acceptable, it’s encouraged! Connect the letters to make the longest word you can, stealing the tiles from your electronic opponent and turning them blue, the colour of victory.

Fun and addictive

To begin with, you’ll be faced with a simple three by three grid, featuring a random scramble of letters. Don’t worry, things become a bit more complex before long! Using your finger, connect the various letters to link up the longest word you can find. Once you successfully connect a word, it will turn blue and you will be one step closer to defeating Lettro and progressing to the next level.

Hundreds of levels to keep you busy

Things progress significantly from the basic three by three introduction. As you continue to defeat your opponent, you’ll be faced with varying level shapes, including boxes, stars and circles. With a massive collection of over 200 levels available, you will really struggle to put the game down. And if you even come close to reaching the finish line, there is expected to be another batch of levels added in the near future.

Struggling to find a word? Use a booster!

If you’ve ever played the classic game of Scrabble, you’ll be familiar with the feeling of looking blankly at a selection of letters, trying in vain to find a word that fits. Boosters are designed to completely alleviate this problem, helping you to find the word which will steal the most tiles. You only get five of these for free, so be sure to use them wisely!

Challenge your mind

Lettro Challenges offers a great deal more in the way of engagement and mental stimulation than the vast majority of other games on offer. As well as becoming hooked by the fast-paced gameplay, you will expand your vocabulary and exercise some of the most important parts of your brain. Do you have what it takes to make it to level 200?

Lettro Challenges is available for free on iTunes.

David Harfield
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