Happy 6th Anniversary App Store, Stay Awesome!

Anniversaries are always a great way to reflect and celebrate. With the App Store celebrating their 6th anniversary I found myself in my iTunes library reflecting on all the amazing applications I’ve downloaded over the past 6 years. If my memory serves me correctly, GasBuddy was among my first favorite applications I used on my very first iPhone. Gas prices were alarmingly high at the time and I was driving a gas guzzling Chevy Blazer and I saw GasBuddy as my money saving messiah.

For me there was a point in my iOS love story history where I started downloading applications at rapid pace. This happened shortly after I purchased my first iPad. The funny thing about this is there weren’t a lot of apps suited for the iPad quite yet. Everything in the App Store was designed for the iPhone, but I was still putting as much as I could on my first generation iPad. Slowly but surely more and more great applications were optimized for the iPad. One application I remember downloading on my iPad in its infancy was EvernoteI didn’t like it at all. Everyone was raving about it, but I just didn’t realize its full potential at the time. Today Evernote is an application I use daily and couldn’t live without it.

As the App Store has evolved, so has my wants and needs for the applications I hand out money for. A lot of applications I purchase today are to entertainment me or help me improve my productivity in some way, shape, or form. In the past I would simply grab a ton of free apps only to be annoyed by the in app ads. Shortly thereafter I would buy the paid version to get rid of them. Nowadays, a lot of apps are still free but offer in-app purchases. This new concept seems to provide more of a steady stream of money for app developers instead of just a one time shot at getting a couple bucks from us—brilliant.

So much has changed over the years in the App Store. The devices we enjoy our apps on have gotten so much better from a technology standpoint, developers are mastering exactly what we want to get from our apps no matter what category we are shopping in, and cloud based storage options allow our apps to sync across all our devices. It’s amazing to see the amount of changes that’ve happened in only six years. Happy Anniversary App Store, I can’t wait to see how amazing you are at your 10 year anniversary.

If you’re looking to capitalize on some of the sales being offered during this anniversary celebration, check out Nexx Studio. This indie game developer has been in the app store for five years now and they’re offering up six of their iOS apps for free to celebrate the App Stores 6th anniversary. The six apps described below are being offered for free for a very short period of time thanks to Nexx Studio. To date, these six apps have accumulated over 19 million downloads in the App Store.



Bloom Box
Addicting puzzle game with exciting chain reaction gameplay. Move the boxes with different patterns to create a chain reaction. Compatible with iPhone & iPod touch.


Glow Puzzle
A simple time wasting puzzler that everyone can enjoy. Over 5.7 million downloads to date. This is a universally compatible app.





Pig Shot
Epic pig rolling runner with cute characters where you launch your pig forward with slingshots or by farting. This is a universally compatible app.






The Idiot Test 3
From the popular flash game The Idiot Test by Ryan Curtis. Featured by USA Today as the hit summer game. Over 6.7 million downloads to date. This is a universally compatible app. 


The Stupid Test 5
One of the most played brain teaser games on the Internet (over 40 million people). Measure your intelligence with the infamous Stupidity Meter. Compatible with iPhone & iPod touch. 





Photo Spot
One of the earliest spot the difference apps in the App Store. Compatible with iPhone.  



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