SKIT! – Share Fun Animated Stories With Friends!: Review

Today we take a look at and review the awesome new free app called Skit! that lets you create custom animated videos on your Apple iOS device.

When you first run the app it asks you whether you want to create a new account or whether you already have one. This login feature is rare on iOS devices but it’s required for Skit! as you’re able to upload and share your videos with the rest of the Skit! community. After you create an account or log in, you can then proceed into either watching other people’s skits or get started on making your first skit.

Watching other people’s skits is easy to do, all you have to do is tap on the ‘explore’ button and you’re directed to their explore page where you can watch featured videos or search for them by tapping on the magnifying glass on the top right corner.


When you’re watching other people’s videos, it has an interface comparable to that of Youtube, you can like and favorite videos, share them with other people, and you can also post comments on the video. A special feature that Skit! has is that you can remix the video as well, by using the same elements the original video creator made, you can improve on the video by changing anything from audio to replacing the characters and even make them perform different actions.

Now the main feature of Skit! is the ability to record your own videos. This is done with their special Skit! creator. You first have to choose a background, characters, and then you can add in any other objects, text, or other characters that you want. Once you have a skit planned out, you hit the record button and Skit! now records all your actions displayed on the screen, including character movements and voice recordings. Keep in mind though you have a 20 second recording limit. Once you’re done you can upload the video by tapping on the share button near the top right corner.

Overall Skit! is a very fun and easy to use app for creating fun videos and sharing them with the community. You can bring any video idea that you have to life with Skit!