Casino Star – FREE Slots App Review

Today we take a look at and review Casino Star, a brand new casino slots game for Android devices produced by YoYouMobile. Casino Star is a brilliant looking game with bright colours and intuitive design that’ll make you want to play this slots game for hours on end. There are different slots game available, fortune cookie slot is one such game but just doesn’t compare to what you get with Casino Star. Another reason why you might be playing this game often, on a daily basis even, is that every day you get a daily bonus game where you have a chance to win extra coins.

Upon opening the game you’re greeted with the main menu in which there are currently 9 different levels to play, 8 of them being locked. If you want to play these locked stages you have to play through the unlocked stages first, you gain experience points per each spin that you do, and once you gain enough experience you gain a level along with bonus coins. Once you reach the required level you unlock that stage.


From the main menu, you can also see your player statistics such as your player name, coins, and avatar. You can change your avatar and username by tapping on the bottom left corner. This is actually an online game where you can see other players who are playing at the same time by tapping the “Online Players” button on the screen. You can also see other players who are playing on the same slot machine level as you while you’re playing and compete against each other.

Playing the game operates much like other slot machine casino games. You simply place an amount of money that you want to bet, hit the spin button, and let luck decide whether or not you win anything for that spin. The higher the number you bet the more money you’re able to win, but you have to be careful not to run out of money.

A unique feature in this casino game is the ability to earn experience points in order to unlock levels. As stated earlier, you can earn experience points simply by spinning and you can use this later on to unlock more stages and gives you extra coins to play with as well.

Another special feature of the game is the ability to play bonus games. If you correctly match up the Bonus game pieces in a single spin, then you get to play the bonus game. In the bonus game, you tap on the different objects guessing to see which one has the highest value. The higher numbers that you get the more coins you’ll be able to receive in the bonus game.

Overall Casino Star is a fun online slots game for Android devices. The game has nicely designed graphics, marvellous sound effects, and is addicting to play. You might not be able to put it down once you start playing.