Looking for a high-quality Photo Editing Application, Check out Photo Power: Review

Photo-editing is a hobby that most of us have become familiar with over the past few years. No longer is this pastime a hobby for the professional or amateur photographer, suddenly we can all become familiar with the tricks, tools and software available to do our own editing.

Therefore it will come as no surprise that the market is becoming flooded with a number of appas that will allow us to take a photo and do something great with it. Photo Power is a photo editing app that is of a very high quality. So, if you happen to be looking for something that is at the top-end of the photo-editing range in an app, then Photo Power should tick all the right boxes.

It provides all the rich functions, allows you to edit as much as you want and quickly too. The editing process lets you manipulate and change images by just using your fingers to move or change parts of your photograph whilst it is in the edit mode. It has to be at least 10 times faster than the speed of a mouse operation!

photo_power_1 photo_power_2

There are more than just a few features in Photo Power that will get you up and running; in fact, Photo Power has several features that you will not find anywhere else or on any other app. It has 37 kinds of different features; so choose from things like selective colouring, increased hue and saturation, alter colour levels, change colour balance, reduce noisy photo images, and make your photo different using all of its dynamic range of features.

There are more than 40 different effects of differing styles and the HDR feature is absolutely amazing! It does not matter which HDR app you may have used in the past, this one will top the lot and is the one you will really want to use.

Photo Power supports many different storage formats including: JPEG, JPEG2000, TIFF, GIF, PNG, BMP (recommended to use lossless TIFF format) and it will also support the popular JPEG high compression ratios.

It will even manage to manipulate photos that have as many as 25 million pixels as well as those operating on multi-core processers. Photo Power is the app of choice among the professionals. Many pro photographers have been using Photo Power for several years as they just would not be able to find an alternative to an app that does everything they want in one easy-to-use package.