4 apps that can make you money in a hurry

iPhones are a lot of things: useful, sleek, slim, sexy, and downright fun.  One thing that they are not is cheap.  The hundreds of dollars that you shell out for the device pails in comparisons to the thousands that you eventually end up paying to line rental companies over the years, not to mention the in-app purchases that really add up over time.  We’re not complaining, but wouldn’t it be nice if you could earn a little bit of that back from one of the apps that take up space on your home screen?  If you answered ‘yes’, it’s your lucky day; here are four apps that can make you money in a hurry.

1. Gigwalk


This app may not live up to its name in the cool stakes (sorry, you won’t get paid to walk from rock gig to rock gig, even if you do it in the style of Mick Jagger), however, it is a genuinely useful way to make a few bucks on the side of your regular job.  People upload jobs or ‘gigs’ that range from taking photos of store displays, testing apps, and delivery services to mystery shopping adventures.  The pay can range from $6 all the way up to $220 for a single gig.  It’s only for US and Canadian customers and available on iPhone and Android.


2. Fiverr


If you read the last app review and fancied your chances as a gigwalker but don’t live stateside, Fiverr is the on for you.  Billed as the world’s largest marketplace for services, the desktop website has made it onto the smaller screen, allowing anyone in the world to advertise and hire services for, yep, a fiver.  These services can be anything from social media promotion, copywriting and graphic design to creating a prank video to show to a buddy or filling in your job application for you.  Get it on iTunes and Android.


3. ESPN Streak for the Cash


Don’t let the title fool you; you won’t have to take any of your clothes off to win the top prize on this app (however, you may do so anyway in a flurry of excitement if you hit the top six-figure prize).  Essentially, you have to pick the longest streak of correct picks from the daily matches taken from all of the world’s sports. With $1.2 million in annual prize up for grabs, this app is the least definite but by far the most lucrative.  Many of the games are US-based such as baseball and basketball, so if you’re based on the other side of the pond and fancy a flutter, starscasino offers the best casino sites for UK players and you can play all of their games from your smartphone or tablet.  Get ESPN streak for the Cash on iTunes and Android.


4. Acorns


This one is probably the most innovative app on the list…and it’s not released yet.  However, Acorns will be coming out this year and when it does, we reckon that it’s going to have people going nuts for it.  It’s an app that simulates spare change on your credit card by rounding up each purchase to the nearest dollar and then invests it for you run a diversified portfolio.  It keeps investing safe and low-cost as well as unobtrusive and hassle-free, creating a miniature nest egg that grows every time that you swipe your card.  Read the interview with Acorns cofounder Jeff Cruttenden in Mashable.

So, there we have it, iPhoneGlance fans; a variety of ways to make back the cash that you spent on the device that you may be holding in your hands at this very moment.  Don’t say we don’t look out for you!