SELFIEPRINT App, Printing Your Memory Photos Could Not be any Easier

Taking selfie photographs with our iPhone cameras or iPads was a phenomenon even before a bunch of Hollywood A-list celebrities decided to take one at the Oscars. The image was tweeted around the globe millions of times and suddenly everyone was getting in on the act. Selfies were even becoming popular for state leaders like President Barack Obama, Prime Minister David Cameron and one other dignitary while in a football stadium at Nelson Mandela’s funeral commemoration.

Creating a selfie is easy – up and down the land there are girls and boys standing in front of their bedroom mirrors posing with a mobile phone and snapping a picture as a memory keepsake. The pictures are viewed on the social media sites like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram and also on Pinterest and Google+ to some extent but wouldn’t it nice to print these images out?


Time and time again we love to show those who have little knowledge on how to operate a smartphone or tablet to view the images of your holiday, your favourite selfie poses or perhaps that group selfie of a ballet class or your local football team. All too often, people gather around one small phone, like your iPhone and try to see the image you are showing. And more often than not, we hear someone cry out, “It’s all gone dark, I can’t see anything.”

The result is common – the viewer has been handed the device and either does not know how to use it and view properly or it becomes difficult to view when more than four people are trying to gander at the same time. The solution is simple – the SELFIEPRINT App. The format is easy; you just take a selfie photo and turn the image into a print.

Photos can be anything from an A4 size or A5 hand-held sized image to a huge poster size picture which you could even put a frame to (if your vanity allows it). No longer will you need to keep switching on your device and scrolling through your pictures to find that great selfie you took and now need to show all your chums. Simply hand them the printed picture you took of your selfie and you don’t even need a printer.

Prints can be ordered by going through a checkout process and all you have to do is choose the size of your selfie and you are done.