Super Gnome An Addictive Game: Review

You will become addicted to playing Super gnome – I know for one, I did – and the saving grace is that you will improve your skills in tilting, scaling and hitting if game play is your thing. In Super Gnome, you will go on an adventure using your gaming skills to scale high platforms and advance as far as you possibly can without hitting or bumping into the poisonous mushrooms or tumbling down to your ultimate and untimely death.

During the game play mode you will have to collect jewels that help to bolster your points tally. Some jewels will give you a huge amount of points. However, you may want to use the strategy of your jewels to buy credits in the store that will help become you ultimate super gnome. Extra lives are available using in-store purchases as are super jump credits. Your aim is to get as many points on the board as possible.


Super Gnome is a great way to challenge your friends and family on Facebook and via the Game Center. It is here that you can find others to do battle against and become the ultimate Super Gnome. There are even ways where you can suggest ways to make the game more fun. If you leave feedback and add your own opinions and comments then the developers will take on board the best suggestions and can make the game more fun to play.

There are an incredible amount of features on Super Gnome including a uniquely designed and highly realistic gnome, grass platforms and moving platforms made from wood, poisonous mushrooms, extra points to allow you to jump farther and power up points to make you even more of a super gnome than you already were.

Some of the platforms in the game actually disappear and you’ll see some checkpoints that give the game a bit of a challenge. To play the game you can find others to compete against in Facebook and the Game Center and start double-tapping your screen to become the world’s most effective Super Gnome.

Playing the game is easy; you must tilt the screen to the left or the right so you will reach those moving platforms. Once there, you’ll need to gain jewels, collect more power ups to become more dynamic and then avoid those pesky poisonous fungi that keep popping up all over the place.