Engage in the Most Realistic Tank Battle Game on the App Store, Tank Titans: Review

Realistic tank battle games are getting better and if you want to find out which one is the latest and best so far, you can go no further than to take a peep at Tank Titans HD. Not only is the game in superb high definition but the game simulation is very realistic and gives the user a feel as though you are actually on the battlefield itself.

To beat up your enemies you will need superior fire power and smart tactical movements. There will be waves of enemies trying to blitz you off the battlefield, so get your strategy right and try to outsmart your rival tank. You can actually feel the excitement of first-hand battlefield combat in a tank and you will not need an internet connection to play either.

titans_1 titans_2

It is more or less a case of jumping straight into your tank and battling your way through a very realistic battle map while sat inside your armour plated vehicle. It does not matter how many enemies you destroy, they will keep coming back at you relentlessly, one after another. The concept is to clock off as many enemy tanks as you can and build up your score total.

You can expect to be placed into a tight corner and a position where you’ll have to fight your way out of a very realistic tank combat battle, powerful tanks with superior firepower, easier prey and hidden tanks that will sneak up on you when you least expect them to.

You will need great instinct and you’ll have to have your wits about you to avoid a surprise ambush. To start with you will have three different tank types to select from, but once you have chosen your favourite weapon of war you can then go about personalizing and pimping up your tank in so many ways that it will become your very own war machine.

There are so many add-ons, extras and improvements you will be personalizing your tank about as much as you will be fighting off your enemies. The Tank Titans will reamin fun and fresh for well into several days after playing this game and if you are clever enough you can go a long time avoiding total annihilation.

The unforgettable features of Tank Titans are the realistic game play, brilliant maps and graphics, easily accessible controls and tanks that can be upgraded very easily.