Fly Jay back and forth collecting berries in Berry Jay: Video Review

Berry Jay is a gaming app that involves a Jay bird that loves berries. It is better than Flappy Birds or Make it Rain (according to some users) and it is simple yet addictive to play. Your task will be to fly Jay back and forth and collect berries from trees, bushes and hedges while trying to avoid the hazards that will inevitably come your way.

The hazards include the Guardian Red Bird who will chase Jay away from collecting berries and the number of other things positioned high and low to prevent you from getting an easy high score. You’ll need to just look at it as a challenge and fight off the pitfalls and grab as many berries with Jay’s beak as possible.

The points you score on the board, the more coins that will add up on your running total. These come in the form of bonus coins that will randomly appear making it easier to grab more berries and stifle the hazards you will encounter as you collect your super fruits.

berry_1 berry_2

The general idea is to collect as many berries as possible. Moreover, you will have to find ways to keep the guarding birds as far away as you possibly can at all time. Try and keep the guarding way and make an effort to collect every bonus coin that is available to make your task easier. Once you become successful and post a high score on Berry Jay, you may enter your high score at the leader board on the Game Center.

You can always challenge your friends and family to play at Berry Jay or if you prefer, just play on your own and enjoy the passion, addictiveness and challenge of playing Berry Jay. Other users will often offer tips and tricks to help you obtain a high score along the way – for example, try to avoid stepping on the white tiles and obtain the most amounts of bonus coins as possible.

The graphics on Berry Jay are colourful but basic, clear but easy to follow and bright and easy on the eye for younger children to enjoy. The layout on the screen is also simple and easy to follow; try to reach your top score by beating your previous best result. At all times your best ever score appears on the top right on the screen, while the current score appears alongside it on the left.