Olixar enCharge 2000mAh Portable Power Bank – Black

The Olixar enCharge 2000mAh Portable Power Bank in black was purchased because I was always running low on battery power on my wife’s iPhone S5 and my S4 smartphone. Personally, I use several apps, with many of them running constantly in the background. We are often told to shut down Twitter, Facebook and other battery-draining apps on our smartphones to avoid battery shutdown and your smartphone running out of juice. But I have always maintained that if a smartphone is a piece of technical wizardry in a small device capable of running many apps – why not use them?

I want my Facebook to run all the time; I also want my weather station app, rain alarm radar, eBay mobile app and Google+ switched on at all times but the only thing to protest is the battery. So, this is why I decided to try out the Olixar enCharge 2000mAh Portable Power Bank in black and use it whenever I was away at the office or out and about on a long rail journey and did not have access to a plug point or an electricity charge point.


The best use I found was when I went to a recent music festival and took the power bank along to feed energy to my smartphone when it was not being used. One retailer at the site was offering to charge all the major smartphone models for a cost of about £5; you would also be without your device for around three hours. Also, the charging tent was not open after 10 p.m., which meant you had to leave your device for several hours when you really could be using it for taking photos, videos, updating your Facebook page, checking on the latest cricket and football scores and so on. If you are into your gadgets and living in Bangladesh you can try free classified ads in Bangladesh.

With the Olixar enCharge 2000mAh Portable Power Bank in my pocket, I simply plugged the bank in for an hour and my smartphone kept itself topped up nicely throughout the day. The best thing about the power bank is the size. It is basically about the size of a packet of cigarettes or a small bar of chunky chocolate. Moreover, it is very light and will not take up hardly any space in your luggage should you decide to away in a caravan, tent or field where electricity power points are nowhere to be seen. Furthermore, the device has a nice little torch for using in the dark at night.

You can grab the Olixar enCharge for only £19.99 from MobileFun.