MEKS, A Simple Social Networking App That Does it All – Review


I decided to give MEKS a try as it claimed to be an alternative social networking site that encompasses everything. You will be amazed, as I was, at the number of different things you can do on MEKS and I have to say, I did not think a single social networking site could manage to cover the entire spectrum of things to do online.


MEKS is a brand new and different approach to social networking, and one that I have not seen before. It has aspects of Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+ all thrown in for good measure, but it doesn’t seem to be based on any particular one, or even all of them.



I was able to easily keep in touch with the handful of new friends I made on this app, plus I could share certain things like videos and photographs with a single tap. The app has a messenger service system where you can contact any of your friends, provided they are online or logged in.


Once you work your way around the app, you can begin primping your homepage. You can choose from a number of different backgrounds, font styles and graphics to customize your homepage. You can build up your social circles, while controlling exactly which friends are allowed to see what. You can also organize your contacts into groups, to exercise further control over your online activities. You can also share other posts that you like, post links to interesting stuff, organize photos into albums, plus tag up to nine images in every post.


MEKS certainly is social networking with a difference.