ShadowPain, the action/adventure, fantasy, hack and zap game that will test your limits – Review

As far as great adventure games go, ShadowPain is right up there with the best of them. It is nerve-rattling, adventurous and will keep you on your toes throughout. It is also a hack and zaps game that involves fantasy, an immense challenge and a strategy you’ll need to unlock the game.

There is no doubt the game will keep you mesmerised for hours on end and its addictive qualities seem to know no bounds. It really is a case where you MUST keep your wits about you at every corner because failure to do so will result in your death. Yes, that’s right – it’s a case of “kill or be killed.” So, it’s no good trying to escape and hide or cower in some dark corner!

There is no room for weakness as the action simply does not stop – it is truly relentless. To begin the game you must start off with just a simple old cape, a sword, and a desire to indulge in some serious danger – remember we said it’s not for the feint of heart.


In Shadowpain you will be pitched up against the great stone altar of mystery. You may well question what is this stone altar and what does it represent? Who the hell built it? Moreover, what on earth is it for? The fact is, nobody knows and theirs is certainly nobody alive today that will be able to tell you.

But whilst you are staring at the stone altar of mystery and gazing at its wonder, evil eyes are peering at you from afar and their intentions are not the kind you really want to get involved in. This people mean business and it’s not the kind of business that involves simple admiration of your cape or a liking for your sword.

However, with great danger there is always great reward; so try and dabble a little in the peril and see if you can match the evil and prosper in the realm of Shadowpain. In this exciting game you will plunge headlong into the forest maze to find several wicked creatures hording treasures and just desperately wanting to fight you.

You must hack your way through the different levels to get new and more powerful weaponry such as swords, armour, helmets, potions, keys and food. Indeed, you’ll need every advantage you can get as the monsters get more monstrous and the stakes become higher than ever before!