Value – Personal Finance Manager with Budgets, Income & Expense Tracker, Calendar and Reports: Review

If you are looking for a finance personal management app with budgets, income and expenditure trackers, reports and all this information linked to a calendar, then this might just be the one you want.

Value is simple, fast and lightweight and has to be the easiest way to control your finances and manage your money on the go. It will show you where you can save money and points out where your cash is actually going. The reports are very simple to read and use and you will be amazed at how easily you can keep on top of your finances at all times.

Tracking income and expenditure and working out your finances is important in this day and age; particularly if you are running a business or calculating your own tax expenditure. Value has so many stunning features; it will certainly make you learn how to spend your money smarter.

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It has unlimited accounts with a quick account switch facility so you can compare one budget sheet against another, calendar views that can easily be split into month, week, year or day view and a full payment history of every transaction you have made with a search facility. So if you want to look specifically for all the purchases you have made on milk, beer, dining, children’s school fees or car maintenance it’s very easy to filter down the expenditure and see what you have spent on one particular budget.

You can also check how much money you will have spent on petrol (gas) for your car and see what the month-on-month expenditure is on that commodity. With this app it’s possible to see trends and act upon those budgets that are seeing increases that you should be managing.

You can also calculate and budgets by splitting for any day, month, week or year and show graphs on your flexible income or expense reports by account, location or just by tags. If you are trying to quit smoking, for example, tag every tobacco purchase with the hash tag #smokes and see what your outgoings are costing you.

The unlimited features on this app also allow you to take a picture of your receipt and store it within the app – ideal for that tax return form you may have to fill out at the end of every financial tax year. Furthermore, the app is safe and secure with password protection system that means only you will be able to get into this app.