Weekly Budget – An Easy Way to Save Money: Review

We all look constantly for a way to keep our finances in check and save a bit of money and now with this weekly money monitoring app, you can. Weekly Budget is a very simple method which keeps full control on all your finances throughout the day. It will ultimately help you to save money by showing you how much you have left and warns you when you are getting close to spending too much out at the shops or restaurants.

It helps to keep down overconsumption by warning its user to slow down on spending otherwise the limit will be breached. It is you that can set the limits to your spending and you can then be warned when the amount becomes too close to that ceiling.

weekly_1 weekly_2

To use the app you need to follow a few simple steps: setting a start day for when you want your week to start. Most people choose Monday as the first date of the week but the Weekly Budget app is set for Sunday as its default start date. Changing it to the date of your choice is simple enough. The next stage is to set a weekly budget that you feel you do not want to exceed for the week.

Let us say you chose Monday as your start date and you select an expenditure of no more than £150 for the next seven days of that week, you then choose the category and input the amount when money is spent or earned. So, if you are in a restaurant and buy lunch – you will need to select lunch and enter the amount spent.

One of the things you will notice as you enter your expenditure is the colours of the screen changing and the bars, which represent expenditure, increasing in ratio to whatever you are spending your money on. Therefore, if you are spending too much of your expenditure on a certain luxury than the bar chart will exemplify the extra expenditure in this area. Hopefully this will allow you to try and control overspending in areas where you should really be cutting back.

Weekly Budget has many features among which are included the link to the iCloud, easily-managed categories, details arranged by month; alphabet or category group and it will support all the major currencies from around the world.