Impact Folio Case For iPad – Review

If you have an iPad Mini you’ll want to be safe in the knowledge your device is well protected; the Impact Folio Case for the iPad Mini is made from materials that have been tried and tested in the laboratory and have ticked all the right boxes. Furthermore, the case has an exceptional design and is perfect for anyone that happens to fly around the world on business, frequently jet off on holiday, or always at a different office.

The case is perfectly designed for fitting inside any person’s busy lifestyle. Keeping you iPad Mini protected is important and anyone moving around a great deal will need to make sure the protective casing is offering the very best protection available. And, sure enough, this one really does.

The main features we found on the case were that it is slim-fitting, has a flexible shell which will absorb impacts and a ribbing structure designed to protect your iPad Mini even if it accidentally slips from your grasp and crashes to the floor.

impact-folio_1 impact_folio_2

The slim-fitting shell is integrated with a state of the art casing known as “FlexShock” which has been tried and tested as a system to protect high-end devices from accidental dropping or general wear and tear. Somehow or another, this protective shell repels the forces of damage away from the point of impact.

The case is very thin and extremely light, which makes it all the more remarkable that it can protect your iPad so diligently. It is ideal for use when your iPad is not in use or gets stored away in a cupboard for a few months. It is also perfect for sending through the postal service, should the need arise.

The protection features are not the only positive things that say so much about this Impact Folio Case – take the multiple folio positions, for example; it’s so easy to use in either landscape or portrait mode, plus it has automatic wake magnets and a mechanical button for ease of use.

The mechanical buttons allow for easy access to things like your USB ports and other controls, such as the mouse, Ethernet port etc. And, there are multiple hands free options and an opportunity to type in many different ways.

In fact you will find the Impact Folio Case for iPad Mini incredibly user-friendly. The case is available is either white or grey and does not conceal the original beauty of your iPad Mini. You can grab an impact folio case for iPad Mini for only £54.99 from Tech21. If you haven’t got an iPad Mini, not to worry you can grab a case for any iPad.