Star Walk 2 Lets You Reach for the Stars [App Review]

StarWalk2IconThis past spring I wrote an article on iOS Etc. about planning a camping trip on your iOS device for summer. Well summer is now quickly ending, but there’s still time to enjoy an amazing application on your iOS device that’ll have you gazing at the stars. Vito Technology, makers of the award winning application Star Walk for iPhone and iPod Touch in 2008 and iPad in 2011, recently released another visual stunner with Star Walk 2. With daylight hours getting shorter and shorter, you can use this great application to take advantage of more star gazing opportunities.

Star Walk 2 provides a great app tour when you first start the application. This is extremely important given the amount of features and functions this education application puts at your fingertips. If you forget anything you were taught on the tour, simply visit the apps settings and select “Take a tour.”

Once inside Star Walk 2 it’s hard not to point your iOS device to the horizon and start spinning around to take it all in. I actually did this while I was interacting with Star Walk 2 at work on a break and one of my friends asked if I was looking for cell service. The presentation of all the information is so visually appealing it’s hard not to continually search around for what you can find. Its been said we eat with our eyes and Star Walk 2 serves up a visually stunning all you can eat buffet of stars, planets, constellations, and satellites. If your child has questions about the sky above them, Sky Walk 2 is exactly what they need to feed their interest.

While you’re viewing what’s out there, don’t be afraid to tap on stars or anything else out there to learn more about it. Sky Walk 2 provides in-depth information about most of the items in the sky. In-app purchases allow you to see even more information, but I was able to download the constellation information for free and it’s great! This addition allowed me to better understand the make-up of the constellation since I was then able to see a 3D view and rotate all around the constellation. This reiterates how Sky Walk 2 may help a child’s interest in astronomy grow.


Other great features you’ll enjoy in Star Walk 2 is current moon phases, time of sunset and sunrise, and the elevation of planets. The sky is ever changing around you and Star Walk 2 wants you to know what the horizon will look like today, tomorrow, next week, or even next year.

You don’t have to worry about the illumination of your iPhone or iPad’s drowning out light since Star Walk 2 has a special night-time soft red mode which preserves night vision as if you were stargazing through a telescope. There are 5 other filters you can use to take in the night sky as well.

With so many education applications out there giving you the ability to point your iOS device to the sky, it’s hard to decipher which one is right for you or the budding astronomer in the family. Vito Technology won awards with the original version Star Walk, which has over 8 million users, and they’ve improved upon an already amazing application. It’s best to spend your money on a trusted brand and Star Walk 2 is something you shouldn’t navigate away from in the App Store if you’re looking to broaden your horizons this fall. It’s extremely easy to use with tons of features and the in-app purchases are a great addition and extremely affordable for what you get.