Innergie Introduces PocketCell™ Pro 9,000 mAh a Fast and Stylish Rechargeable Battery Bank

Innergie – September 04, 2014: Innergie, a brand of Delta and a leader in consumer power accessories today announced the introduction of the PocketCell Pro rechargeable battery bank at IFA 2014. Continuing the critically-acclaimed success of the multi-award-winning PocketCell Duo and PocketCell, the PocketCell Pro will transform your perception of power bank with an extra-stylish design that is not only visually stunning, but also allows for faster recharging that will, for example, add up to 72+ hours of battery life to an iPhone. With a convenient integrated charging cable, you’re always ready for a charge wherever and whenever you go.

Ultra-Fast and Ultra Stylish – PocketCell Pro

With an impressive 9,000 mAh battery capacity and dual ultra-fast 2.1 Amp USB power ports, the PocketCell Pro can charge two tablets or other devices at the same time, conveniently delivering portable power when battery power is exhausted or typical power sources are not accessible. The PocketCell Pro can be used with all of today’s USB-chargeable mobile devices including iPad, iPhone, iPod, Android tablets, smartphones and more. The neatly integrated micro USB cable ensures you always have a micro USB cable with you, which allows for easy re-charging of the PocketCell Pro. It is due to be released in the first quarter of 2015 across Europe, SRP of €99.

PocketCell Pro key features include:

·         Dual 2.1A fast-charging USB ports

·         Ultra-fast recharge feature

·         High capacity 9000mAh with compact design

·         Integrated Micro-USB charging cable

·         Extra-stylish & stunning design

·         Built-In InnerShield™ Power Protection

·         Integrated GreenSense™ Technology


Protect your devices with InnerShield™ Power Protection

Many of today’s most popular devices have built-in batteries that cannot be replaced. The PocketCell Pro, like the PocketCell Duo includes InnerShield™ Power Protection suite of protections with short circuit, over temperature, over current, over power, and over voltage protection ensuring reliable performance with over 10,000 portable devices and giving consumers the confidence to charge their device with greater efficiency and less impact on the long term life of device batteries.


Smart Charge

The intelligent device has been designed with GreenSense™ Technology to detect which USB port is being used and how much power is required to boost the battery life of the mobile device that is being charged. So whether you are using one or both USB ports on the PocketCell™ Pro, it only delivers the required battery boost and then automatically stops charging your device. When you need to recharge your PocketCell™ Pro, just plug it into your laptop or a wall – or car charger.

Mobile accessory that adds hours of battery life to two devices

PocketCell™ Pro will add multiple hours of life to your mobile device, including iPads and other tablets, iPhones, Android- and Blackberry smartphones, and many other USB-rechargeable portable devices, like iPods, photo cameras, game consoles and media players.

iPhone                         72+ hours

iPod                             200+ hours

iPad                             13+ hours

Smartphone                43+ hours

Tablet PC                     43+ hours

MP3 Player                 28.5+ hours

Games Console           28.5+ hours

Compact & Portable gadget perfect for travelers

With a stylish design, PocketCell™ Pro weighs just 255g, a mobile accessory that anyone who lives life on the move cannot afford to be without. PocketCell™ Pro fits easily in a handbag or laptop case and can be relied upon to deliver extended use of various portable devices when and where you need them most.

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About Innergie

Innergie, a brand of Delta, is a leading provider of consumer power products and power solutions. Launched in 2008, Innergie builds on the innovation of Delta Group, a world leader in power management with over 40 years of advanced technical experience. With expertise in compact power technology, Innergie designs and produces solutions for the home, the workplace, and a mobile lifestyle.

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1.      Device battery, settings, and other contributing factors may vary actual performance.

2.      Sold separately.

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