Can Playing Online Casino Apps Help You In The Real Thing?

Despite achieving a hole-in-one on Golf Star, I’ve never actually been below par when I hit the greens with my friends. I may be the captain of my virtual team on New Star Soccer but I’m usually last to be picked for a game of 5-aside. And although I’ve never actually catapulted a bird towards a pig in real life, I’m pretty sure that my extensive playing of the most popular gaming app of all time would not help my accuracy. So, will my addiction to casino games help me at all when I enter Caesar’s Palace?

Of course, the glaringly obvious difference between sporting apps and gambling apps is that very little physical exertion happens at a blackjack table (unless you have one too many free martinis and security eject you, caber-style) or on an iPhone, yet on the field you have to rely on more than your thumbs to keep you in the game. But in both genres, you get to practice your tactics and with gambling apps, you can afford to risk testing new theories without losing your next paycheque. Here are a few ways in which playing gambling apps can help you to prepare for the real thing:


1. You get to practice your technique and learn the rules

No one wants to be the guy who the dealer patronises by repeating the rules very loudly in front of a table of strangers.


2. Go for a dry run before risking money

Although you can win and lose real money while playing online, you can also practice for free with apps that simulate a real experience. There are numerous websites out there that allow improving your skills on free simulators.


3. Learn from other users

On my favourite cards app, Pocket Poker, I often have great conversations with other anonymous players who give great tips on how to play the odds and bluff the other players out of the hand. It’s doubtful that guests at a real casino would be so forthcoming as to offer advice on how to ‘Hollywood’ the next hand…


No app is going to be able to totally replicate the rush of winning big with a crowd of people behind you, but online casino apps, such as free strip blackjack, allow you to experience a decent taste of that euphoria wherever you are, whenever you want. And if you don’t win, you can always take your sister’s parrot and a slingshot down to the nearest pig farm and vent your frustrations…