Alkekopter is Easy to Learn but Difficult to Master Physics-based games – Review

Having played hundreds of physics-based games and action hero strategies, I was rather surprised to find one that somehow mastered a new concept in this much played-out arena. This is one very imaginative game; imagine for a minute that you are a skull that floats. And then, you swirl a fireball connected to the end of a magical chain.

Straight away you are thinking Gothic adventure meets fantasy meets action-packed madness. You’d be right there, in all instances! Alkekopter lets you swing your fireball or mace, as some may prefer to call it, against all your enemies in the skies.

Atypical of some of the more detailed action games, Alkekopter is easy to learn but difficult to master. I definitely has an addictive quality and there will be times when you should get frustrated. Controlling the game is pretty straightforward: you’ll need to drag your finger along the screen on your iPhone or iPad so that you move yourself and control the fireball chained to you.

alkekopter_2 alkekopter_1

It may sound more difficult than it actually is, but in no time whatsoever you will be swinging your mace around like some skilled fireball maestro. Moreover, your vision will not be impeded by your fat finger getting in the way of the screen, that’s because you don’t need to place your finger right on the screen in this game.

There are three types of friendly fire that will help you succeed throughout this game; Health, Bombard and Slow-Time. Slowing down time or stopping it all together is one feature you should be using to your advantage. Like the Health and Bombard features, these power-ups fall from the sky.

Every hero has an arch-enemy; and just like in most games Alkekopter has a nemesis that just won’t leave you alone. It is this damned creature that will try and steal your power ups; so, if I were you, I wouldn’t let him get away with it – particularly the Bombard one!

Alkekopter also has a gaming centre arena where the very best players and their high scores are recorded, so if you want to get on the leader board and see your name in lights, get up in the top ten Alkekopter expert listings. Your name, as well as your highest score, will be seen across the world and it’s also here that you can challenge against other Alkekopter players anywhere on the globe.