Kids-Zone Allows kids to Watch their Favorite Cartoon Movies and Animation Scenes – Review

When a child wants to watch something online, on a television set, or even on an app, you can be certain he or she will have quickly established a preference for a certain film, cartoon, program or show. It’s the same the world over; we ask our children if they would like to watch Harry the Hedgehog and they will soon begin finding any way necessary to tune into The Undersea Adventures of Alice. It seems the rebellious nature starts at an early age and there is often little we, as parents, can do about it.

However, the Kids-Zone app allows your children to watch their favourite films, choose their much-loved characters and view the animated scenes they want to watch. They can also view the videos and listen to the music THEY like and not the music they are so often told to listen to. But don’t worry as every film, video, cartoon and movie is thoroughly reviewed and seen from start to finish by the review team at developers. Every available piece of music and video will be suitable for kids.

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There are also a number of educational videos and songs on the app that will help the child learn and play at the same time. Your child will also be able to download videos and watch them offline at a later date. The educational aspects of the app include animal sounds and the children will have to guess which animal a certain sound is, fruits, vegetables, different shapes, things that go on down at the railway station and an A to Z catalogue of songs that are available for download too.

One thing is for sure, your child will get to know the art of downloading (it really is so simple a child can do it), which is something that will undoubtedly come in handy as they go through adolescence. There are food songs, nursery rhymes, songs available for download and a view count showing how many times a particular song has been viewed. This will no doubt give you an idea about which songs your child is listening to the most.

There are also a number of songs that will help children learn the alphabet as well as being able to sing along with the song at the same time. Education should be fun and with the Kids Zone app they can learn with a smile on their faces.