Quick Graph+: Your Scientific Graphing Calculator – Review

Quick Graph+ is one of the most dynamic graphing calculators on the iTunes store. It takes full advantage of the powerful graphic features you can find on the iPad or iPhone. It also works with great ability in either 2D or 3D.

The interface is simple to use and very intuitive and entering equations and editing them so they will look perfect in its mathematical notational form, is much more straightforward than you might think.

Quick Graph + can actually show you explicit and implicit equations as well as inequalities in both 2D and 3D and the speed at which it delivers these results is something of a phenomenon. It also delivers in all the standard coordinate systems of cylindrical, spherical, Cartesian and polar. Once the results are displayed you can save your finished sum to your photo library or email to a friend.

quick_graph_2 quick_graph_1

There is also a handy library within the app to store all of your most used equations and an evaluate feature. This feature will allow you to evaluate equations at specific points. If you have already used the free version of Quick Graph, you will notice that Quick Graph + opens up to an entire range of features, such as tracing and implicit graphs.

The number of features on Quick Graph + are outstanding; including the unlimited amount of graphs you can create, a superb VGA display finish, library for the most-used equations and a wireframe and solid visualization platform.

Using the app is very easy as you need only pinch the screen on your iPhone or iPad to zoom in, drag your finger on an object to move it and swipe your finger to delete and equation. In fact, it’s pretty much the same as standard operations on the iPhone so you should quickly become familiar with its operations.

A little shake of your iPad or iPhone and you will reset the view to its original size, or clear any entry fields you may have mistyped. If you want to share your graphics and equations, there is an in-app email system you can use to quickly fire off your results to a tutor or work colleague.

Quick Graph + will really get the most out of your iPhone or iPad; both devices are fully equipped with powerful graphic capabilities and this is the app to bring the qualities to the table.