Calling all Game Addicts and Chocoholics, Play and Explore the New, Exciting and Addictive World of Yummolate

Yummolate is the perfect game app for those that love chocolate and enjoy playing fun games. This game is new, exciting and we can’t say for sure we’ve seen anything like it before. Like most games, there are a number of levels to progress through, but the theme here is chocolate. Every level has something or another to do with the addictive cocoa sweet.

Chocoholics everywhere will be working up a number of chocolate treats through every level in this game. Chocolate is manufactured with happiness in mind and it is the confectionery to brighten up anyone who may be feeling down. We are sure any chocoholics that find solace in this game must love the stuff.

yummolate_1 yummolate_2

Sometimes, just looking at chocolate can lift the mood of a typical choc lover and in this game you’ll get more than your fair share of looking at the nation’s favourite treat. Yummolate lets you join up collections of your most-wanted and adored treats in a very precise and quick way to discover new exciting challenges and features that await you in the land of milk and cocoa.

There are several features on the app including a design style known as “Neo-skeuomorphism” and the game is played by connecting two or more adjacent chocolate candy treats to eliminate them. The more postcards you collect, the more special candy dots you will unlock.

To get the maximum points in the game you should try making square-shaped candy and then getting shot of all the candy that is of one colour. If you start to get confused, try playing for squares. The candy designs are very minimalistic and pretty on the eye and we have no doubt the sight of some of the candy on your screen will have many a chocolate freak reaching for the fridge door to see if there is anything left over from that bar you almost devoured last weekend.

Along with some very relaxing game music there are some very tasty graphics, if only to look at the chocolate candy and drool. There are several addictive levels that will make this game well into your own top ten favourites for fun.

If you are just a beginner, you can play the game at a slow pace or, for the more proficient players, simply switch to fast mode and play at a much more skilful level. Sometimes, life really can be like a box of Yummolate.