Fuel Burner, A Creative and Addictive Game – Review

Fuel Burner is a game of fun, strategy and rather challenging. All the ingredients are here for a game that will get you hooked and as hard as you might try not to get the addiction, there will be some that just can’t help playing again and again.

Fuel Burner works on two simple rules: First, you will need to move a number of helicopters around the board and land them on the helipad. But only one helicopter per helipad is permitted, and also bear in mind that some of the helipads are different, both in size and height. There will be difficult helipads to negotiate and easier ones, so it’s up to you to get your strategy right.

As if this was not difficult enough, you must land your helicopter as its fuel reading declines to zero. Secondly, you should not retrace your path when moving your helicopter. There are several boards to solve, so once you have mastered the first stages, you’ll find the game gets more challenging and further strategy is demanded.

fuel_burner_1 fuel_burner_2

The more points you get in Fuel Burner the more fuel you will get. This fuel is acknowledges as power ups and there will be many times when you find you might just need that little bit of extra fuel in the tank to make it to the helipad.

Fuel Burner is ideal for kids as there is no network necessary or link to an online connection required. Therefore, this strategy-based game is perfect for the long car journey or motorway trip. This is a board game where for each level of difficulty you must negotiate five helicopters around several board obstacles and challenges so as to use up its fuel and then land on an unused helipad (remember you can’t land two copters on the one pad).

Whilst Fuel Burner looks easy enough when you first start it, the game will quickly begin to challenge you and present a real addictive task for the player. So, the general rules of the game are that your copter must land with no fuel on board and as well as not being able to retrace your old tracks, you must fly over any of the starting pads.

The main goal is to just burn through all your fuel and when you get close to the end just start to land the copter. It’s all about timing really.