iWoody: Premium USB Wall Charger Comma Woody – Review

When it comes to funky looking USB wall chargers the iWoody is right up there with the best of them. This premium USB wall charger is made by Comma Chargers and is made from an outstanding water-transfer real wood design. It has a blend of oak, mahogany and maple; hence its eclectic name of iWoody.

The woody charger was designed by a well-established designer in Philadelphia and there are four key points that make this the USB wall charger of choice. This wall charger is compatible with Blackberry and Windows smartphones and its five watt charger with one amp of power is optimized for those that wish to charge iPhones, Android phones as well as Blackberry and Windows Phones.


It pretty much charges all smartphones and the best feature of this modern and classic mix of wall charger is its look. Imagine if you are at school or in the office and you, like all of your classmates or workplace colleagues, needs to charge up your phone. It’s a familiar scene where a multi-point plug socket is constantly being used to charge up several smartphones and as you approach the cluster of phones being charged up, you will often have difficulty determining which one is yours. In fact, more often than not there are possibly several iPhones or Android phones being charged up and they might even have the same coloured cable.

The distinctive feature of the iWoody has to be its look; you can approach a battery of phones being charged up and instantly your iWoody will stick out and stand head and shoulders above the rest. Indeed, you will probably get a few complimentary comments from your fellow work colleagues or classmates, such is its distinctive design.

This is certainly one of the better chargers on the market, as it has been tested and passed quality assessments that mean it is guaranteed not to overcharge devices and spark like some of the cheaper copies you can pick up from that dodgy mobile phone shop.

Besides its good looks the iWoody Premium USB Wall Charger actually feels nice to the touch. Having the charger at work or in the classroom you will be sure that your charger is the talk of the office or classroom and everyone will know right away who owns this premium wall charger, the moment they set eyes on it. Grab one for only $9.99.