Sound Touch Lite – Babies & toddlers flashcards: Review

More than 2 million downloads have already seen this app working wonders for young children in the development stage of life. It’s a learning tool that amalgamates fun, education and technology all in one. You will be asking yourself why this technology was not available when you were a young child but if you now have a youngster, taking advantage of a learning tool that can be fun and interesting has to be considered.

There are sounds on here that will inspire your child such as cats, dogs, sheep, horses, boats and trains. There are extensive lists of different sounds well presented in cartoon imagery to help the child learn easily and recognize.

Children will find the app and its sounds irresistible and its clever way in which the app presents up to five different versions of each sound, is also a novel way in which your child can learn more effectively.

sound_touch_1 sound_touch_2

Take the bark of a dog, for example; not every dog bark is the same, there are some that yap, some have a deep throaty bark and others will howl. If your child selects to listen for the dog, then taps the screen again, a different dog sound will play and each time the different sound is emitted a different cartoon character plays.

Sound Touch Lite offers an intuitive and fun way to learn what sounds are associated with which characters. The controls are very simple and that’s always a plus for developing children. Moreover, the sounds are of a very high quality.

There is a huge selection of sounds to choose from and the app can also be useful for parents who wish to teach youngster another language. The Sound Touch Lite app comes in 34 languages including Afrikaans, Arabic, Hindi, Polish, Chinese and Turkish.

It is possible to upgrade the app to include even more sound recordings – which is great for when your child has learnt and mastered the sounds of a dog, cat, sheep or horse. The extra sound features are on the topic of wildlife and household items. Therefore your young ones can learn what a frog or a bird may sound like; and within the household they can hear what the noise a kettle or a vacuum cleaner will make.

All of the top quality sounds are accompanied by brilliant photographs, well-defined images and cartoon characters which will accelerate the learning process of your younger children. Check out Sound Touch Lite for Android as well.