Are you all About Selfies, you might want to try the Selfie Wars App: Review

In the past year, maybe two, the fastest-rising phenomenon in the world of social media has to be the taking of a selfie. A selfie is an image taken of you – by you; often with an awkward arm stretched out and the camera image mirror flipped so the picture taker can see the image that will be taken, just as though you are looking into a mirror. Selfies did not exist before the smartphone came along because this mirror-flipped image was not available on a conventional camera.

If you happen to be all the rage about selfies then Selfie Wars is a gaming app you may want to look up. It is instantly addictive and combines social media with gaming but it’s the act of taking selfies that is the core of this game.

So how does it all work? Well, first you’ll have to take your selfie, then obscure it using a filter (there is a cool one built in with the app), then post the (obscured) selfie to a friend, family member or whoever you want. If you want to send it out to the general public, you can, and the receiver of your selfie will not be able to unscramble your image unless they accept the game challenge that you have picked specifically for them and at the difficulty level you have chosen.

selfie_1 srelfie_2

In other words, it’s you that puts down the challenge and you that determines the difficulty level your opponent must play the game at. If your family, friend or member of the public is that desperate to see your selfie, they will accept your challenge and try to unscramble your selfie by winning the game set out before them.

The more legendary selfies you make, the more challenges you will find are accepted. Your opponents may even leave you cool feedback too, so expect those users that are taking a number of selfies to get a big interest from the community in Selfie Wars.

One of the most popular features in Selfie Wars is the fact that you do not have to sign in to play. This means those that you have selected to challenge you will not know it’s you behind the image, unless they take on your challenge and win the game. You will have to choice to select which levels of privacy you set, so even Facebook pals will know it is you behind the obscured image, unless of course, you want them to.