Camera Plus: Capture remotely with AirSnap – Review

Camera Plus is a method in which you can capture photos remotely. The app has recently surpassed its fifth birthday and is offering the photo and video application for half price for a limited period. It has been designed with the latest platform of iOS 8.0 in mind and is hailed as one of the best new apps to come on the market.

It will provide you with a number of tools to help you align, focus and compose your image. It seems though that everyone on your social media platforms will love you and the wonderful images you so often take. They will adore your pictures of beautiful scenery, cool photos of others enjoying themselves and wonderful pictures of cars, animals and sunsets – but you are never in them. Now, with Camera Plus, that’s all about to change. Why should you never appear in your magical photos?


Camera Plus comes with unique special features that are simplified into simple taps on the screen of your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. This pretty much guarantees cool, brilliant and exciting photos every time. It goes beyond the default features seen in most smartphone cameras as the app lets you shoot your video or camera shot using “AirSnap.”

AirSnap is a remote controlled concept that will even adjust features like the lighting using another in-house piece of technology called “Lumy.” You will now be able to capture crisp, high definition shots with different focus modes, shades, angles, filters and many other features as you see fit.

AirSnap lets you pair any two iOS devices so you can capture photos or videos from a distance. One device will work as the camera, the other will act as its remote control. The remote control device will show a full screen preview of what the camera is seeing, so you can have full control at your fingertips of the camera’s operations despite it being remotely positioned.

Once you master the controls of the app you’ll be able to change perspectives, add depth and zoom in and out of images to achieve the best focus. There are many hand-picked filters you can use and you could even paint your own story with photos using many different font styles and your choice of background colours.

There is a handy personal and private folder within the app as well, allowing you to lock your images away from prying eyes.