Prepare for an Addictive Battle of Wits with 49 Tiles

Just one more. One more drink. One more chapter. One more square of the flavour of the month Dairy Milk (just stop it Cadbury, there’s too many, you’re chancing your arm now). One more drink. One more snooze on the alarm. One more drink. One more game. The last of those is the key phrase you’ll find yourself associating with 49 Tiles, the smart, simple, sassy new number game for your iPhone. Reminiscent of Sudoku and other numbers-based, mildly strategic mind games, 49 Tiles isn’t flashy or loud. It doesn’t dress itself up. Doesn’t pretend to be something it’s not. Its faith in its core premise is so absolute it doesn’t even feature any other modes. It knows what its got. I love this simplicity. Because what its got is an utterly addictive format that’ll have you hammering on the ‘play again’ button like there’s no tomorrow.

The aim of the game is deceptively simple and the clue is in the title. You start with a board of forty nine white squares, which you must uncover one by one, until you’ve counted all the way up without using the same square twice. The twist is the limited movement the game provides; you can only move in the same way a knight piece from a chessboard would move, which is two spaces horizontally and one vertically, or two vertically and one horizontally. This gives you a total of eight spaces from which to choose your next move, which the game handily highlights for you in red, forming a kind of circle of options around your current tile.

As you’ve probably clocked, as the game progresses the harder it is to find spaces, and you can soon find yourself blocked off at every pass, putting an end to your current game. It’s a clever concept and one that needs little or no exposition. The game provides you with a random starting point for your number one tile, and you then have to think on the fly to progress.

What starts off as a casual, quick-fire round or two can soon evolve into a full scale battle of wills with the game. Superfluous sound fades into the background as the outside world becomes academic to your pursuit of victory. Upon completion, the game allows you to post your score and time on Facebook, so if you have any other friends locked in similar mortal combat, you can easily rub it in their faces with the click of a button. A simple and engaging little pastime, this free app’s well worth checking out for those who enjoy some mental stimulation with their fun. Just one more. Just. One. More.

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Patrick Ryan
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