Dropper of Flags: Video Review

Dropper of Flags is an app that merges Vikings with flying and best played on the iPad (version 2 and upwards) – although it will function adequately on the iPod Touch and iPhone too.

The Flag Bearer: Dropper of Flags is the latest edition to the saga of Flag Bearers which comes with a story about Vikings who plant flags in any of the lands they dominate. Thor is the character planting flags once again, this time though, he is doing his flag planting from above.

Your task will be to discover if you can plant as many flags as Thor. Are you skilful enough to plant 100 flags? All of your Viking skill and knowledge will need to be fine-tuned to implement the process of flag planting.

Controlling the game of Dropper of Flags is fairly easy; all that’s required is a simple tap of the screen and you will be airborne and flying above lands where you should start to look for regions to plant your flags.

dropper_1 dropper_2

Once you have completed a flag-planting mission you will be able to share your score with all your family and friends on social media. Dropper of Flags has links directly to both Facebook and Twitter. Along with all the highly intuitive controls you will discover endless beauty and a challenging world. It is out here in this environment that you must plant your flags.

There are several methods by which you can unlock extra ammunition to help your flag-planting score more effectively. There are several cool hats and gliders which can be unlocked to help you scour around the skies looking for land to plant more flags.

Dropper of Flags is all about planting your flags and while you are airborne and flying like a true Viking you will need to wear a cool and trendy hat. You will also be blessed with a cool glider to fly around in and the better your glider, the more likely you are to find new and challenging beautiful lands where you will be able to plant some more flags.

If you have played the earlier sagas of the flag bearers then you will notice the scoring system and point count on this latest game is much improved. Moreover, you can grab coins and gems at the same time, so start planting flags to get your rewards and unlock amazing hats and wings.