Tech21 Classic Shell with Cover, Probably the best case on the market for your iPhone 6: Review

If you are among the lucky ones to own the latest smartphone from Apple – the iPhone 6 – you’ll need to think about wrapping it in cotton wool; not literally but some kind of protective, good-looking cover that is specifically designed to look after and fit your iPhone 6 perfectly. That case is the iPhone 6 Case with a Classic Shell in a Smokey Cover by Tech21.

The case provides you with an outstanding impact protection thanks to a new technology and design called Impactology. It provides a cushion for the back and the sides of your iPhone 6 and is guaranteed to keep your new device from bending.

The case has been created with a premium TPU formula known for its outstanding flexibility and abrasive resistance, scientifically proven to absorb any kind of shock treatment and covering your iPhone 6 with intelligently-designed impact protection.


But the one feature that this cover gives that we believe is its prize winner is the flip-over screen cover. The flip over screen cover is naturally integrated with scientifically proven impact material to protect your iPhone 6 against knocks, bumps and drops.

What If You Want Another Colour Besides Smokey?

The Smokey Cover iPhone 6 Case with Classic Shell is just one shade you can get. Smokey is just part of a range of colours you can choose from. The same case, to snugly fit your iPhone 6, also comes in blue, purple, black, pink and clear. Moreover, you can select whether to have the case with a cover or just a protection for the iPhone 6 back and sides. The prices vary considerably as to whether you select the case with or without front flip-over screen cover.

The Classic Shell feature which comes with this iPhone 6 product is basically the flip-over screen which comes that additional screen cover protection. Having the Classic Shell product here actually protects the iPhone 6 Classic Shell with cover for the back and sides of your device, with an impact protective flip-over screen cover for additional screen protection against dropping, flipping, bumping and hard knocks that may impact on your iPhone 6 from time to time.

The burning question you may be asking about the iPhone 6 Case Classic Shell with a Smokey Cover is: can you still access all the buttons and controls on the iPhone while leaving the case on? The answer is, yes you can. The classic shell retails at £29.99 and thats well worth the price for ultimate protection.