Alarmy (Sleep If U Can) – Review

There are mornings when we absolutely must get out of bed, but today’s smartphones and tablets are all fitted with alarms that are so soft and gentle with tones that actually make us fall deeper into slumber, that they are actually not very good for waking us up at all. If you are one of those people who just cannot get out of bed in the mornings, you will need Alarmy (Sleep If You Can).

Alarmy is the most annoying alarm you will ever encounter; it’s not so much the tone, volume or sound that’s annoying, it’s the method by which it helps you out of bed and makes you stay awake. How many of us say, “I’m alright once I am up and about having had a quick wash, but it’s just that initial getting out of bed that I have a problem with.”

alarmy_1 alarmy_2

If you are one of those people that have ever said that statement about yourself, then this lifestyle app is for you. Don’t think you can just stretch out a lazy arm and shut off a loud alarm, Alarmy makes you physically get out of the sack and forces you to be “up and about.”

It’s the world’s most annoying alarm, but also the most effective at getting you up. Turning the alarm off requires a process that forces you to wake up, get out of bed, go to a place or a room within your home and then take a picture of that place, and then and only then will Alarmy shut off. Furthermore, you had better believe that by the time you have gone through this annoying process you will be very much wide awake.

No more will you be late for work, because you will be forced to get up and take a picture of the registered room before the alarm will stop. The so-called registered room will be the room you select before setting the alarm up. So, for example, you may select the bathroom as being the registered room or a hallway room downstairs, so take a picture of either of these rooms and to shut the alarm off the very next morning, you must get out of bed, take that picture of the room you registered earlier and then you’ll hear the alarm finally shut off. You’ll be guaranteed that by the time your alarm has been disabled, you’ll be up and about and wide awake.