The ever increasing of mobile gaming choice

Today it seems that more and more people are turning to their phone as their first choice of gaming device. This makes a lot of sense. When you can access the games you enjoy just by pulling your phone out of your pocket anywhere that you have an internet connection, why would you go to the bother of switching on your console or pc specifically for gaming?

Of course, there are times when you’ll want to do that, but they tend to be the times that you sit down with a plan to have a gaming session. When you play on your phone, it tends to be for those spontaneous moments, when you just want to fill a few minutes.

According to a report by Juniper Research this year, it’s estimated that by 2016, the total revenues through mobile gaming will reach almost $29 billion, which represents a growth of more than one third (38%) on the figure for 2014 (c.$20 billion).

And in response to that potential market, games developers are doing what they can to maximise their potential earnings from apps, aiming to make users lifetime users rather than those who play their free-to-play games and then move on when they’re gone as far as they can with the free version.

The online casino operators are a good example of a group of businesses that has extended its range of choice for gamers on a mobile platform. A few years ago, if you enjoyed playing casino games at 888casino, 32 Red or many other casino sites, you’d have only had the options of playing online on a pc or laptop. Now, however, it’s possible to play on your mobile at many different casino sites and with a range of games to choose from too. You can find out which roulette games can be played on the mobile by going to and this is just one example of the casino gaming you can do on your phone. There are also blackjack and video pokers that can be played on a mobile, as well as a wide selection of slots games.

Casino operators have clearly recognised that their players don’t want to be confined to playing only when they’re sitting in front of a pc. In fact, for much of the time that people are playing on their mobiles, they may not even be away from home. In a comScore survey into people’s gaming habits in the UK, it was estimated that there were 20 million mobile gamers in 2013; nearly double the number who were gaming on their mobiles in the UK in early 2011. And many of that number were gaming at home on their mobile – 64% in the living room and 45% in the bedroom.

It’s simply more convenient to sit and play on a mobile or tablet in the living room, kitchen or bedroom than having to be where the pc is. And people enjoy being able to mix their gaming with other activities in the home – spending an ad break playing a couple of rounds of blackjack, before concentrating on the programme they’re watching on TV, for example or while they’re waiting for the potatoes to come to the boil!

The same goes for other games that can be played on the mobile. The majority of them are games that don’t require a lot of time, and in today’s society, where people don’t feel they have much free time to spare, if you can game on your mobile for five minutes and get the break that you need from the daily routine, then so much the better. With games developers bringing out an ever widening selection of interesting and entertaining games that can be played on the mobile, they’re giving consumers exactly what they are looking for.