Swizzle – Mix & Loop Free Music Playlists: Review

If your hobby is mixing music then Swizzle is the best way forward to mix and loop musical compositions and videos of all your favourite songs. Swizzle is a social networking app that is based around music. If you love music and love socializing online then Swizzle is for you. It is an easy way to share music with your friends and family.

So what would you use Swizzle for and why is this different from any other music app? Swizzle will help you easily create a playlist of songs that you can send to a friend or give to a loved one on a birthday or anniversary. Recently, I was asked to create a playlist of songs for a friend who was traveling to Africa for a gap year project and wanted a selection of songs from all of her friends, so she could be reminded of them when she listened to her sounds. Swizzle would have been the ideal tool for compiling such a project.

swizzle_2 swizzle_1

You may be going on a long car journey with some friends, so what better way to ask them for a string of ideas and tunes to be played on that long journey. Once you have selected your favourite discs you can mix and loop them onto your Swizzle playlist and send a file copy to all of your friends. Perhaps you have a party or celebration coming up and you want to know which type of music you will play at the party. You can compile the entire playlist to be played right through the evening by using your Swizzle app.

Swizzle is also a dynamic way to ask your friends what the latest artist to be on the scene is or who is making waves in the music charts lately. You can also discover long, lost sounds of brilliance from like-minded music lovers all over the world. You can enjoy music and share the sounds you already love by simply going through Swizzle and doing on here. All the music and videos you find are powered by official open sources from YouTube.

You can have a background sound to play during those ‘quiet moments’ in-between tracks or you can fine tune your playlist so that it continuously plays without a pause. There are many key features you can enjoy in Swizzle, including putting all the melancholy songs together in one playlist, all the happy sounds, party music, driving beats and calming sleepy tunes also can be tagged and sorted into one section or playlist. Swizzle is a music lovers dream.