Halloween Special: 25% Off USB TurboCharger 7000 for the Next Week!

Getting stuck in an elevator is bad.  Getting stuck in an elevator without charge on your mobile phone is even worse.  Getting stuck in an elevator with a rabid wolf (and not being able to dial out for pet rescue) is worse still, but you probably shouldn’t have got in it in the first place, should you?  The lovely people over at Proporta want to help you avoid these sticky situations by offering a whopping 25% off their TurboCharger 7000 over the next week.  Nice, huh?

The TurboCharger can charge two devices at the same time, with a High and a Low input – so, iPhones, smartphones, iPods, etc. go into the Low, whereas iPads, Kindles, etc. go in the high, giving all of your devices the opportunity to be charged on the go.

I took this bad boy on a road trip from Perth to Darwin (non-Aussies, Google it – 9,000km!) and it saved my bacon a few times…and I mean that literally, as I was able to search for the nearest butchers in the towns that I drove through.


Complete with a set of retractable cables and an assortment of jacks that can fit all sorts of devices.  You can even personalise it with an engraving for less than a fiver!

It’s only 175 grams, so it’s light enough to carry around in your pocket, but not heavy enough to properly fend off a drooling wolf.  I told you not to get in the elevator…

It’s normally £45.79, but get a 25% discount by following this link and ordering it before November 7th and use the promo code TURBO25.

David Harfield
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