Turn Your iPhone in a Cash Machine

If you’ve ever want to use your iPhone for financial gain, then listen up because a Betfair sports app might be the answer. For those of you that aren’t well versed in the art of spread betting, here’s a quick explanation:

Before you fill your mobile device with software, let’s first take a quick look at what spread betting actually is. In a nutshell, spread betting requires the punter to wager money on the underdog or the favourite. If the gambler takes the underdog’s side then they will win if that option’s score, plus a fixed number (the spread) offered by the house, exceeds the favourite’s. Conversely, if the favourite’s score, minus the spread, is greater than the underdog’s, then the punter wins if they’ve taken this side of the bet.

Optimise Your iPhone for Spread Betting

Now you’ve got a basic understanding of how spread betting works, how can you use your iPhone to improve your chances of success?

Well, firstly you need to navigate to Betfair’s online platform and check out its range of sports betting apps. Although each product has a slightly different set of features, the main premise of each is basically the following: here’s a wealth of data that you can analyse in different ways in help guide your betting picks.

Becoming a Betting Geek in Three Simple Steps

Once you’ve chosen your favourite betting app, in this instance we’ve gone with Geeks Toy, you then need to run through its key features and take the necessary steps on the road to riches. With this in mind, here’s your quick hop, step and jump guide to making money with Geeks Toy.

1. Control more than one Betfair market at a time – one of the keys to spread betting success is volume. In practice, a professional sports bettor will look to make a small return from each bet they make. This is because they want to limit their risk and increase their chances of a return. When you’re following this strategy, it’s important to place a large amount of bets to transform your small individual returns into a large overall profit.

2. Real-time Betfair prices – Sports betting markets are always changing and within a few seconds the price of a bet can turn from good to bad. Because of this you need to constantly stay in touch with the market and Geeks Toy allows you to do this from your iOS device.

3. Advanced charting – To improve your understanding of certain sports and sporting fixtures, you can plot graphs to show the movement of various stats. By tracing the evolution of a market, you can get an idea of its highs, lows, medians and means. This feature is a fantastic way to see when the market is ripe to make a bet and when it isn’t.

The Finish Line

Although the process of spreading betting isn’t for the fainthearted, there is a lot of money to be made if you have the right tools. Geeks Toy is just one Betfair sports app you can download from Betfair’s stable that will give you a solid platform from which to build a solid game.