Walk Band: A Pocketsized Band At Your Beck And Call

Composing and recording music used to involve huge amounts of effort. Not mental composing and recording of course, that just takes a thorough, masterful knowledge of music theory and application (is there much to learn?) but the actual physical task of composing and recording used to involve countless wires and huge, cavernous midi boxes full of precious digital storage. In our modern world, as with many other previously painstaking procedures, clever folks are working on our behalf to make things simpler and altogether more stream-lined. The pinnacle of handheld music composing and recording comes courtesy of the guys from Revontulet Studios in the form of Walk Band, a fantastic free app for Android that has already garnered tens of millions of downloads from musicians across the globe.

Walk Band is an incredibly detailed and comprehensive musical behemoth. The amount of control the app affords you, a crucial factor in the production of any music regardless of genre, is staggering. There’s four main instruments to choose from at the start, with a host of others available as plug-in options, such as cello, flute, sax, trumpet, sitar, even a xylophone. Whether you’re composing classical, jazz, rock, country or progressive rock jazz classical fusion, Walk Band has you covered. The drum kit alone has a wide variety of kits; jazz, rock, hip-hop, percussion and dance. If you prefer a more electronic approach, you can even select a drum pad. The app brings up a simple, effective drum graphic of an overhead view of a kit, and you bash away from there. If you’re not a drummer and you merely want a solid beat to jam a bit of piano along to, Walk Band provides you with that option too, with an array of demo beats available. Every featured instrument has this level of control, which really makes this app a must have for any musician who’s serious about recording comprehensive demos.

So there’s two main ways to utilise Walk Band. It’s perfect for musicians who want to practise on the fly, or lay down some musical ideas for their chosen instrument. Alternatively, serious composers will love the wide range of options and variations at their fingertips, and the ability to hook up their own keyboard to the device and record from there is sure to be enticing. Walk Band provides you with the tools to create; it’s up to you how you use them. If you’re serious about music and find yourself at a loose end when it comes to getting your ideas down, get yourself hooked up to Walk Band; you won’t be disappointed.

Jive on down to the Android Store and get composing today for free!

Patrick Ryan
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