The Virtual Future Meets Sweet Nostalgia With iGames

Who remembers ‘Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon’ for N64? Not many, I’d wager. Playing as a team of ninjas trekking across feudal Japan to do battle with giant robots, this 1997 gem had it all; great graphics, an awesome soundtrack and a developed sense of humour. ‘Goemon’ is, in my humble opinion, one of the most underrated games to ever be released on Nintendo’s glorious console. That really is saying something if you consider the golden gaming period between 1996 and 2001, where future classic after future classic were being sent our way. We had ‘Ocarina of Time‘, we had ‘Perfect Dark‘, we had ‘Smash Bros.’, we had ‘GoldenEye‘, ‘Mario Kart 64‘, ‘Majora’s Mask‘, ‘Star Wars Episode 1 Racing‘, the list goes on. But no one ever remembers ‘Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon’. Until now. iGames remembers. iGames remembers all. A virtual vault of gaming goodness, this new iOS app from A&J is perfect for rediscovering lost masterpieces, or keeping up to date with the flashy new kids on the block.

Taking the form of a gaming encyclopaedia, iGames contains comprehensive data on every single game ever released on any format, equalling over 20,000 titles old and new. And when I say any format, I mean it. What is the Atari Jaguar CD for instance? What is the SEGA Dreamcast…oh no, hold on, I remember that one. Just about. The point is, there are no corners cut here. It’s got everything. If, like me, you’re a hug fan of the N64 and just want to bask in bittersweet nostalgia (the Japanese have a specific term for that called ‘natsukashii’) for half an hour you can switch all the others off and select only that console for your browsing.

The app has a handy inbuilt rating system, allowing users to rank the games out of ten (nobody had opted to rate ‘Goemon’, so I took the liberty of giving it a perfect ten), which provides a handy, easy to use system to see which games are popular with the community. The profile of each game furnishes you with a YouTube video, a selection of screenshots, and a surprisingly in-depth summary about the game’s content and release background. You’ve got trending games on your home page, and it was great to see ‘Mario 64’ at the top when I logged in, another timeless classic. A cool calendar mode allows you to pencil in crucial release dates…or even release anniversaries if you want to wallow in the nostalgia (7th August, 1997). All in all, no gamer should be without this little gem of an app. For seriously hardcore to trendy casual players, iGames has somethingto offer everyone.

Load up the iTunes store to get your joystick bashing hands on iGames for free.

Patrick Ryan
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