Spigen Neo Hybrid Metal iPhone 6 Plus Case – Review

Having purchased an iPhone 6 Plus recently, I was keen to find the best possible case that would work for protection and aesthetic qualities in equal measures. The Spigen Neo Hybrid Metal iPhone 6 Plus Case in a much ticked both boxes and then some. Retailing or £29.99, it’s surely a small price to pay to have great protection.

It features a real metal frame, provides stylish protection and has a sturdiness about the case that will impress from the very first moment you hold your new phone in its new home. The frame definitely is sturdy as it has that dual layer protection system in place.


The slim and thin protective cover preserves the sleek and elegant design of the iPhone 6; this was important to me as I still wanted folk to see that I had an iPhone 6 but needed to put something around it to comfort and protect it. The Champagne Gold colouring is just a way you can totally bling up your new device while protecting it from the elements. The case comes in a number of different colours to suit your style and mood, metal red, metal blue, space grey and satin silver.

The protective frame is actually a combination of aluminium and TPU and there is a noticeable two-tone finish that will hit you at first. Access to all ports and features is there, so you will easily be able to plug in your charger, play your music through your earphones and take pictures and video without having to remove the case each time.

So what does the TPU cover actually do? It will provide supreme durability and protection against accidental drops and shocks for your beloved iPhone 6 Plus. All the while it delivers a sturdy protection for your device.

You will notice that with some iPhone cases, when removing them or putting them onto your device, damage can sometimes occur; well thankfully, the Spigen Neo Hybrid Metal actually feels soft to the touch (despite being very sturdy), which means there is no risk of damaging your phone when you place it on or take it off your iPhone 6 Plus.

By all accounts, the case has been made as thin as possible to maintain the slim-like design your iPhone 6-Plus device features. But don’t worry that its thin casing means your device is not actually protected, it is. It even has a high quality UV coating which prevents the colour from fading over time and keeps your iPhone looking sleek and cool. The Spigen and other iPhone 6 Plus case can be found at MobileFun.