WorldCard Mobile Phone Kit, the Only Business Card Holder and Reader you Will Need – Review

WorldCard Mobile Phone Kit by Penpower Inc is an excellent stand for your smartphone. It’s not just any old stand but one that has a business card holder and reader. It will automatically capture and recognize business cards with your iPhone or iPad.

One of the best features is the G-Mail contact synchronization. It makes it so much easier to keep in touch with your contacts whether they are on your tablet, iPhone or Android phone. And really, if you can find more time working with your contacts, and less time managing your contacts information data.

When you put the World Card Mobile phone Kit to the test, it really does work. We put it to the test and you will be amazed as to how accurate the reader actually is. Let’s say you meet a business partner or associate for lunch or a chance encounter at a trade fair or exhibition; no doubt you and your potential business partner will talk shop for a few minutes and discover which business terms and needs you both want. The next stage is of course to swap business cards.

worldcard_mobile_1 worldcard_mobile_2

Now, on every business card you will find (or at least SHOULD) a telephone number, name, company name, an email address and Skype contact number and a fax number (if relevant). There may also be other key bits of information like a telephone number for a mobile as well as a landline, plus many business cards carry links to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google+ contact points as well.

When you have received this business card and you have finished your short meeting with the business associate you have just met, you then pop the business card onto the World Card Mobile Phone Kit and all the information is then stored as a contact straight onto your own tablet or smartphone.

So right away you can speed dial that business partner or fire off an email (the contact will automatically appear on your contacts list) or you can press a one-touch button to Skype call your new business associate without having to go through every field and add it all in yourself line by line.

Furthermore, it’s gets even better, as the synchronization feature allows you to match contacts’ information via Gmail contacts, and store them in the Dropbox and iCloud folders. You can even transfer data with Microsoft Outlook too, as well as Sales Force and ACT. World Card really does sort quickly and effectively.