Zimly: the Ultimate Home Media Cloud (Chromecast): Review

Zimly is the ultimate home media Cloud service that will let you watch your own private videos on your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad without having to go through the pain of a set up. Moreover, you will not need any data centre or provider to feed you your stream either.

Zimly now supports ChromeCast; a method of getting your private videos transferred onto the big screen and you can now watch these videos on your television. Zimly has many supporting features and functions so that you can now watch all your favourite videos, pop songs and music concerts by extracting straight off your Windows PC or Mac and automatically converting the file so that it will play on the big screen.

zimly_1 zimly_2

The app will not require any complicated settings for you to set up and you will not have to tweak any networks or manually encode anything. Simply play your videos on the iPhone or iPad, stream and enjoy every piece of rich media that is in your library.

The design is rather fitting and Zimly’s easy-to-use features and controls leaves for a great user experience. The fact that the app is free is a real added bonus but be prepared for the odd sponsorship message or three.

Zimly’s Cool Features

Zimly does have a number of features that will make you enjoy this rich media experience to the full:

  • It will easily stream songs and videos on your computer and put them effortlessly onto your iPhone.
  • You will NOT need to do any encoding as Zimly will do it all for you regardless of the file type.
  • It will play all your media just like your default media does currently.
  • Connecting Zimly is easy and simple, in fact, very little configuration is needed and your nine-digit PIN is probably the most complex part of the set-up procedure you’ll have to go through.
  • Videos can be played in high definition with no down time or pausing.
  • The design and usability is something that will give the user a rich and pleasant experience from the outset.
  • You can enjoy videos and other media by downloading contents onto your iPhone. This means you can play these videos later when you are effectively offline. That’s really handy if you are going on a long car journey where the Wi-Fi signal is likely to keep jumping in and out.

Plus, if you are a fan of songs and music then you will love the lyrics and subtitles support service.