Horse racing fans are spoilt for choice

Apps for iPhones have transformed the sporting experience for more or less all sports fans obviously. In today’s world, it’s easy to stay in touch with your chosen sport, watching live events, reading media coverage, message boards and everything else whenever the mood takes you.

But perhaps in no other sport has the experience been transformed quite as much as it has for fans of horse racing. This is mainly because the analysis is so much greater for racing than it is for other sports. Yes, pundits will wax lyrical about any sport – but with horse racing (and to a lesser extent greyhound racing) the form is, in some ways, as big as the even itself. So whilst football, for example, is primarily about what happens during 90 minutes on the pitch (albeit with a huge amount of analysis before and after the event) horse racing essentially exists for its gambling opportunities – for which the study of form and weights, ground conditions and a whole other batter of statistics is a vital part. In other words, the informational aspects of racing aren’t just important – they are an integral part the sport, in a manner of speaking, not least in assisting the handicapper in setting the weights for handicap races.

So whereas gamblers and horse racing fans of yesteryear had to put up with Saturday afternoon TV coverage and newspapers, along with a trip to a racecourse if they were lucky – and smoky, dingy bookmakers’ shops with no TV screens if they weren’t – today’s fans for racing have everything they could ever want at their fingertips, and quite literally so.

The only difficulty is in deciding which apps from which sites are best – so it’s wise to have a look at the full range of horse racing apps available and deciding which you want or need. With some apps, you can watch racing live both in the UK and around the world.

Racing U.K., for example, broadcast live racing from 33 racecourses across the UK. Subscribers can watch races live streamed on iPhones (and Android) simply by placing a £1 bet a particular race or through taking out a £14.99 monthly subscription with the organisation enabling them to see every race from the 33 racecourses.

Also – most bookmakers offer their own apps which have the handy added bonus of giving you free cash for enrolling. So from betting on the biggest of races like the Grand National, when there are always plenty of generous bonus cash offers around as the big name bookmakers try to tempt you in – to watching live racing from relatively minor meetings in the UK, Australia, South Africa or the United States – racing fans really are spoiled for choice these days.

And we haven’t even begun to talk about the range of apps for students of form and analysis, tipping services, tools for analysis of that form and automated gambling apps that are available.

Obviously, the bookmakers have one thing in mind here – they’re trying to increase profits. But because the world of the provision of online bookmaking is so highly competitive – there’s also a mad scramble for our business form all the biggest names in the field, hence the seeming generosity.

And as long as you play your cards right, and use the apps to good effect, and never gamble more than you can afford to lose with ease (i.e. an amount that doesn’t worry you in any way) then really – we’ve never had it so good.