Wild Ski Is The Ultimate Snow-packed, Fun-filled Adventure – Review

Wild Ski is an ultimate game of fun, adventure, strategy and staying power, all played out in an adventurous snow-filled setting. Once you are up and running you will join a cool cast of different characters, each with their own special style and identity. You and your fellow characters will leave the home of Savannah and head for the hills. The hills are packed full of snow and ski slopes and when you arrive there will be obstacles, trees, logs and some more obstacles in your way.

Not only will you have to avoid all these obstacles but you must also do so at speed, very high speed! Wild Ski is one of the apps that has no age limit on the game; adults and children alike will join together and fight their way down the slopes, avoiding obstacles and successfully doing so with great haste.


Once you are cruising down the hill, the ride will be seemingly endless and the thrills will come thick and fast. However, it is the characters that impress me most: and these cute skiers will give the game that extra bit of fun and adventure. There’s Halsey the Hippo; choose him to ski fast down the hill of fun. Then we have Lukas the Lion who you should select in order to shred the mountain. The wonderful Klara, a kangaroo who you should choose if you want to jump and jive in style or Kris the Koala who will get you extra points if you choose to race with him.

Wild Ski is easy to play and exhilarating to those that want to stay and keep on playing. You must stay on the slopes, tilt left and right as required and move through the obstacles with consummate ease – if you can!

Operation of Wild Ski is fairly simple: you need just tap to throw some snowballs at the surprised mountain wildlife, swipe up and down to control your speed and jump over bumps and even cliff edges. You will feel as though you are actually going downhill and experiencing those white-knuckle rides of the red runs.

All of the slopes are randomly generated, so you will be unlikely to get used to the pitfalls on one particular slope before being challenged to do a different one instead. Wild Ski lets you win trophies by getting more power ups and upgrades where necessary.