Brain Arithmetic – Video Review

The importance of training the mind and brain is all too often undervalued. We think nothing of going down the gym and giving our bodies a thorough workout, but few of us think about doing the same to the brain. Believe it or not, the brain is very much like a muscle and the “use it or lose it” slogan applies here as readily as it does to those biceps in your arms.

Brain Arithmetic is not so much of a learning app but more of a brain training sort of app. Oddly enough, the app has been placed in the category of gaming applications but Brain Arithmetic is sort of a fun and challenging app – like any game app should be. However, this app has an extra feature in that you can have fun and train the brain at the same time.


This app will add and subtract and playing the game could not be simpler. The challenge is actually in getting the answers right and getting them correct quickly. Time and accuracy is the essence and providing you actually workout your brain regularly by using this app, you might even discover that you get to do the sums far more quickly than when you first started out.

This is a result of your brain getting some serious training. The importance of brain training definitely is underestimated because a strong, sharp and agile mind can help ward off dementia in later life. It helps to improve memory and makes us stronger as a person.

Keep at the work out and by trying hard you will in time improve your calculation speed. You will start off by the app giving you a simple calculation to make and one that you should get rather quickly. It could be something like 7 + 2 or 9 + 4 but each calculation you do becomes a little more challenging each time. You can do a set of 10 calculations and measure the time it took you to complete. Then, providing you have been working out your brain training exercises on Brain Arithmetic, you should measure how quickly you rattle off those 10 random calculations some months later.

It is not only a good brain workout for adults who need to keep their minds sharp and active but can actually be great fun for kids to play also. I think you’ll be challenged to improve your calculation speed on this game and give your mind that much-needed workout.


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